Gympie is a city and a locality in the Gympie Region, Queensland, Australia. In the Wide Bay-Burnett District, Gympie is about 170.7 kilometres north of the state capital, Brisbane. The city lies on the Mary River, which floods Gympie occasionally. Gympie is the administrative centre for the Gympie Region area.

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Gympie is a regional city located along the Bruce Highway, just 60kms north-west of Noosa Heads. Known as a historic town due to its goldfield, there are a number of historic buildings located here.

There is a Heritage Walk that takes visitors on a tour of Mary Street to admire the 19th-century architecture of the buildings lining the street.

Gympie Attractions, Activities & Things to See & Do on the Sunshine Coast

Many building in Gympie showcase the architectural influence of the past and include three churches, the Courthouse and Town Hall, all of which were built in the 19th century or early 20th century.

If you want to know more about Gympie’s gold rush history, visit the Gold Mining and Historical Museum. Here, you will find displays featuring gold mining, transportation, steam, rural and military memorabilia of the past.

Renowned as one of the oldest festivals in Gympie, the popular Gympie Show is a great family event that has run for over 100 years. With a number of entertainment options including, exhibits, rodeos and fireworks, the show offers an amazing experience for all.

Come to Gympie for the biggest music festival on the Sunshine Coast. The Gympie Music Muster runs over 4 days and is held in Amamoor Creek State Forest. With 120 artists and more than 250 performances, the Gympie Music Muster is a must-attend event!

Gympie is also only a short drive from the Great Sandy National Park, the Mary Valley and Noosa Heads, making Gympie a great location to stay during your next holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

Gympie has a range of amenities located in town including a supermarket, boutique shops, art gallery, cafes, restaurants and pubs. Click the links below to find the full range of attractions in Gympie and the surrounding areas.

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Gympie Gold Mining And Historical Museum

Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum is a popular museum in Gympie, Queensland.

After all, the town’s rich and colourful history has a lot to say, and it would be a shame to visit and not learn about it.

Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum, Entry Prices & Hours, QLD the museum, visitors learn the role of Gympie in ensuring Queensland’s economy stayed afloat. It houses an impressive collection of photographs, artefacts, and documents that date back to 1867, when James Nash first discovered gold. Many of these also detail the workings of the Eldorado Goldmine.

You’ll also get to learn about some prominent locals and how they contributed to Gympie as we know it.

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum encompasses over 5 hectares, with 30 displays located in 15 buildings. It’s the best place to come and learn about the gold mining past of the town.

The primary building is known as The Tank, which opened in 1970 as the museum. Interestingly, it used to be a water reservoir, built in 1902 and served as the mining lease for the No. 2 South Great Eastern Mine.

Other notable highlights include the Elliotville Model Train Display, Machinery Shed, Lower Wonga School, and the Leyland Cub Bus, among many others.

The museum is open from 9am to 4pm every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Good Friday.

After your tour, have a meal and delicious coffee at the café as you take in the view of the parks and nearby lakes. You can also purchase a souvenir of your visit to the gift shop.

There are educational programs available here, including the Blacksmith Shop, Dairy Museum, Gold & Gold Panning, and Gold Mining area.

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum is a top-notch museum that should not be missed while you are in town.

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Memorial Park

Memorial Park

The Memorial Park in Gympie offers visitors a quiet place to sit, relax, and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

This triangular park is known for its elegant manicured gardens and shady trees, creating the perfect picnic spot.

Memorial Park (Gympie), History, Playground, Birds, Gazebo, Seating, Paths

The State Heritage Register-listed park pays tribute to World War I soldiers. It was officially opened to the public back in April 1921. It was designed by Superintendent Harry Moore of Brisbane, who was known for creating magnificent gardens – especially those in New Farm Park, the Yeronga Memorial Park, and Newstead Park.

The Memorial Park is filled with beautiful plants and flowers, including jacarandas and poinsettias, planted to serve as a living tribute to the men who died in service. Aside from being a notable soldiers’ memorial, it also honours James Nash, a well-loved bandmaster responsible for discovering gold in Gympie.

Today, the park and its elegant pavilion provide the community with a shelter surrounded by nature where they can gather, relax, and enjoy. It has always been an iconic landmark in the heart of Gympie, as this public parkland has significant historical and cultural value.

After visiting Memorial Park, check out the other vibrant tourist attractions in town. Gympie itself is a stunning heritage city, as many restored buildings date back to the gold rush. The best way to learn about them is by going on a heritage walk so that you can witness these magnificent 19th-century buildings; these include the Gympie Town Hall, the Land’s Office Building, the old Bank of New South Wales building, Mount Pleasant Hotel, and many more.

The Memorial Park should be your first stop in exploring this charming town. Other top attractions include the Gold Mining and Historical Museum, Gympie Regional Gallery, and the Woodworks Museum.

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Mary Valley Rattler

Mary Valley Rattler

Mary Valley Rattler is a historic attraction where visitors are invited to step back in time and learn about a significant era that has passed.

The rattler takes you on an awe-inspiring 46-kilometre trip that begins at Gympie, crosses the Mary River, Dagun, Amamoor, and many more beautiful sights before returning to Gympie.

Mary Valley Rattler, Discount Tickets, Prices/Passes, Timetable, History, Map

Aside from being one of the most scenic adventures to go on, you’ll also learn valuable information on the history of locomotives.

The Mary Valley Rattler is also an excellent reason to spend time at Gympie Station. Marvel at its unique historical displays, have a coffee at its on-site café and shop for souvenirs at the gift shop. Your support in this experience goes a long way since the rattler is operated not-for-profit. Yet, it’s committed to a more important purpose of ensuring the public doesn’t forget about this historic trail. Feel free to donate if you feel obliged.

It’s no surprise that the train has become one of the most popular tourist attractions; also the third largest heritage railway in Australia. Construction began in 1911, and the train went through numerous closures and enhancements throughout the century. The development of the train is vital to Gympie as we know it since there was no railway linking it to Brisbane until 1891. The locomotive was initially referred to as the Maryborough Railway and was initially developed because James Nash discovered gold in Gympie back in 1867.

The discovery of gold was the biggest tipping point because people needed to transport equipment and materials in and out of the area. The cost of shipping gold and all this was skyrocketing, but the trains eventually helped the town become lucrative despite some economic bumps over many years.

Today, visitors can experience this rich history at the Mary Valley Rattler.

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Mothar Mountain Rock Pools

Mothar Mountain Rock Pools

The Mothar Mountain Rock Pools are a stunning attraction within the Woondum National Park.

Conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the Central Business District of Gympie, this natural wonder is the perfect place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle even for a while.

Mothar Mountain Rock Pools, Day Use Area, Trail, BBQs, Seating, Toilets

There are many ways you can enjoy the rock pools; they’re a popular spot for swimming, BBQs, and picnics too. These stunning natural pools are situated amongst rainforests and tall Eucalypt trees, allowing you to completely immerse in the tranquil environment accentuated by the sound of gently flowing water.

If you love exploring on foot, check out the 500m long trail that takes just 20 minutes to complete. This walk is easy to do, and you can even bring the little ones along. Just be warned that there is a small creek you will need to cross, so hold your child’s hand to ensure they don’t slide on the rocks. Alternatively, there is a 3.5-kilometre walk for the more adventurous, which takes around 2 hours to complete.

This area is so peaceful and probably one of the best picnic spots in the region, especially for those who appreciate quiet surroundings in nature. The amenities provided include wood-powered BBQ pits, tables, and toilets. Visitors are encouraged to make the most of the rock pool visit by spending time discovering the rest of the Woondum National Park.  For more adventure, check out Boulder Mountain; between these two areas, there are several more trails to check out.

The Mothar Mountain Rock Pools and nearby trails offer adventurous visitors a thrilling trip.

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Archery Park

Archery Park

Archery Park provides a day rest area in Gympie, with public toilets, a dog park and a dump point.

Archery Park is useful for people needing to stock up on town water or dispose of their waste, including Grey and Black Water and Sewerage in an environmentally safe way.

Archery Park, Dog Park, Day Rest Area, Dump Point, Toilets, Gympie QLD

The water is of drinking quality, and the general public can access this water fill station. The site is ideal for those wishing to fill no more than 1,000 litres. Payment is made via a coin slot and costs $1.20 per two hundred litres (note that no change is given).

Please note that the hoses at Council’s water refill stations at Archery Park, Corella Road and Imbil have been removed to protect public health. It has been pointed out that the hoses are often dragged across the ground, and some users of these facilities are draping the hoses into chemical tanks. As it isn’t possible to guarantee the cleanliness of the hoses, they were removed. So users of these sites will have to bring their own hose.

Located next door to the dump point is the Archery Park Dog Park, the region’s first off-leash dog park, which opened up back in 2015.

There is a 1.2-metre high chain mesh fence with an access gate for dogs/handlers, a small shelter over one bench seat with an additional one bench seat located under existing trees, a drinking fountain with dog bowl attachment, lighting on timers to light up the entrance and shelter; and a dog tidy bag dispenser and waste bin outside of the fenced area.

It’s been mentioned to be an excellent place to unhitch and park your caravan while you go shopping in Gympie.

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Brooyar State Forest

Brooyar State Forest

Brooyar State Forest is located just 10kms north of Gympie along the Bruce Highway. The forest features sandstone cliffs, tall eucalypt forests and hoop pine plantations.

Many visitors come to the Brooyar State Forest to head to the Point Pure Lookout on top of the sandstone cliffs to get a view of the surrounding hinterland. This walk is a short 300m return trip.

Brooyar State Forest, Rock Climbing, Camping & Maps, Qld

If coming to the park, check out Glastonbury Creek, which flows through the camping area, and you may even be lucky enough to spot a platypus, crayfish, freshwater turtles, eels and fish in the creek.

Abseiling is a popular activity within the park. Many climbing enthusiasts and organised groups (with qualified leaders) try their skills on the bluffs at Brooyar’s Point Pure and Eagles Nest abseiling sites.

Camping is popular here at the banks of Glastonbury Creek. You will find open grassy areas at the base of a hill, and the maximum capacity for this area is 120 people. These campsites are suitable for those with tents, caravans or camper trailers. Fire rings and composting toilets are provided, but campers must bring their own drinking water. Open fires are allowed, but check local information about fire-ban days during summer.

Bookings are required before arrival, and dogs are permitted but must remain under control and on a leash at all times. Camping permits are required, and fees apply. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite. You can access the park from its southern entrance by taking the Gympie-Woolooga Road and turning right into Diggins Road and onto Greendale Road. Follow the signs to the camping and day-use area.

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Woondum National Park 11 1

Woondum National Park

Woondum National Park is a gorgeous destination for bushwalking, picnics, and swimming in the rock pools.

Located 16km east of Gympie, the park is lush and full of lovely flora.

Woondum National Park, Walks, 4WD, Rock Pools, Lookout, Map, Qld

The park has picnic tables, potable water, and toilets; though there are wood-fired BBQ pits, it’s important to bring your own wood. The picnic spot, known as the Rock Pools Day Use Area, is one of the most scenic in town because you’ll be able to enjoy views of the tranquil boulder creek, where you can go for a swim too. Keep your eyes peeled for some lace monitor lizards that have been known to make an appearance.

When visiting the Woondum National Park, keep in mind that it’s best to come in a 4WD. It can be challenging and sometimes dangerous to make it here without one. From here, visitors can also access the trail that leads you to the summit of Boulder Mountain. However, the trail is only suitable for those who are extremely fit because of the steep incline, as well as the speed needed to make it to the top and back before dark. Alternatively, you can just do a leisurely scramble on the creeks.

Adventure lovers will have a great time in this region. The Mothar Mountain Rock Pools are nearby and also within the national park. This is a popular location for family picnics among nature lovers: it’s equipped with picnic tables, wood fired BBQs, and public amenities that can be used by the public. The pools are seriously reinvigorating, especially on a hot day. In addition, the rock pools are situated amongst rainforest and eucalypt trees, where it’s easy to unwind and forget about the stresses of life.

Woondum National Park and its surrounding attractions are a terrific choice for an adventurous outing.

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Gympie Show Grounds

Gympie Showgrounds

The Gympie Showgrounds is a popular outdoor venue for events in town.

It hosts several of the biggest fairs and events in town, especially conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs.

Gympie Showgrounds, Events, Race Days, Markets, Map & Prices, QLD

Some of the most common events here are those from the agriculture, machinery, garden tools, and forestry sectors.

The Gympie Showgrounds are spacious and well-maintained, and it boasts of modern facilities.  If you are visiting Gympie, look up the calendar of events to check any exciting markets and events to attend. It will be a great way to meet friendly locals, and the markets are a terrific place to shop for everyday goods and souvenirs.

The Gympie Showgrounds Farmers Markets are held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month to support fresh produce providers, excellent takeaway food, handmade goods, beautiful plants, and more.

The Showgrounds Farmers Markets showcases high-quality handmade goods, local talent in art, craft and design & locally grown produce by some of the best farmers in Queensland. There are also many plant vendors and more casual Bric-a-Brac sites – excellent for fossicking to find pre-loved treasures!

It is also home to The Pavilion, a modern conference and reception venue versatile enough to be used for various events – whether social, business or recreational. The Pavilion houses the Apex Restaurant, bars, and conference rooms, complete with the equipment you need to host a successful event and exhibition. It also includes several recreational amenities for sporting events, such as basketball, futsal, and volleyball. They can accommodate social events no matter how big or small, whether you have ten people or 1,500.

The Gympie Showgrounds is a professional and top-notch events venue in town. Be sure to drop by!

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Mothar Mountain Speedway

Mothar Mountain Speedway

The Mothar Mountain Speedway in Gympie is a popular dirt race track venue.

It serves as home to several past and current National and State Title Champions.

Mothar Mountain Speedway, Raceway, Track Info, Race Events, Gympie Qld

Because so many winning racers have participated here, it’s no surprise that it has been given the nickname “The Home of Champions.” However, that’s not the only reason that makes it worth visiting: it has a unique kidney-shaped track with a tight hairpin bend. It is 380 meters long, with a 1.5-meter concrete wall and safety fence. The track surface is regularly treated with clay resurfacing to make track preparations more efficient and reliable.

The Mothar Mountain Speedway has been around since the early 1960s, so it’s undoubtedly seen its fair share of thrilling races. Back then, motorcycles used to race around it. However, these days the speedway caters to a wide variety of classes, including Street Stocks, National 4’s, Junior Sedans, Super Sedans, Modified Sedans, AMCA, Late Models, and certain kinds of open-wheelers.

Spectators are also well taken care of; the venue houses two licensed canteens that serve food and beverages. There are many good viewpoints located around the track, though there are viewing stands with terraced banking. If you are in the area, check out their calendar of events because dirt track racing is one of the most exciting types of racing popular in Australia.

Mothar Mountain Speedway is the ideal venue to witness this thrilling off-road motorsport first-hand, so be sure to check it out during your visit.

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Gympie Civic Centre

Gympie Civic Centre

The Gympie Civic Centre is a world-class performing arts and events venue located in the heart of town.

With numerous events held throughout the year, don’t miss an opportunity to catch one of the shows at this venue.

Gympie Civic Centre, Shows, Hire, Box Office & Seating Plan, QLD

It houses three function spaces for hire, which can accommodate a wide range of events, including weddings, conferences, meetings, and artistic performances.

The Prospectors Hall can accommodate 608 people in theatre style and 400 in a banquet; the Heritage Theatre offers downstairs seating for 293 people and two wheelchair bays, while it can accommodate 108 people in the upstairs seating. The Fossickers Room can accommodate 120 people in theatre style or 80 in a banquet.

The Gympie Civic Centre showcases a diverse selection of national and local events alike, making it the premier venue for corporate events and entertainment. Some of the cultural events here include cabaret, classical music, family and children’s drama, live contemporary, circus, theatre and much more. So make sure to contact the box office if you are after any tickets.

Wheelchair access is provided at the centre’s main entrance, which can go to all function spaces.  However, wheelchair seats should be booked in advance, either in person or over the phone. Adequate parking is available right outside.

Gympie has lots to offer visitors of varying interests. After catching a show, check out the Mary Valley Rattler, which tells the fascinating story of this historic rail line through interactive displays. Not only do you get to learn about some local culture, but you also get to do your part in preserving a heritage rail in Queensland.

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum is another must-visit; it houses 33 historical buildings that display various facets of the local history.

These are just some exciting things to do in town, so be sure to put the Gympie Civic Centre and its nearby attractions on your itinerary.

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Victory Heights Trail Network 07 1

Victory Heights Trail Network

The Victory Heights Trail Network is a scenic recreational trail designed by the Cooloola Trail Care Alliance for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.

The multi-use trails have something for trail runners, bushwalkers, and mountain bikers alike.

Victory Heights Trail Network, MTB Mountain Bike Tracks, Map, Toilets, Qld

The network is situated just 3km away from the Gympie town centre, between the Gympie North Railway Station and the iconic Victory Hotel, in an area of 56 hectares in size. This is a nature lover’s delight, a paradise where you can explore on foot or bike amongst spotted gum mixed forest, wet gullies, and much more. It’s not uncommon to come across horse riders along the path too.

At the Victory Heights Trail Network, trail runners and bushwalkers can choose from three scenic loops equipped with signposts. The loops are available in distances of 2, 3, and 5 kilometres on top of the other shared-use trails that can be used, for a total of 17km. On the other hand, mountain bikers can enjoy 25km of trails that cater to bikers of all levels. In addition, there is a 2km long kids trail.

Amenities found here include shaded seating and a skills area, which are situated near the entrance. These are convenient for parent visitors looking for a scenic yet safe space for the little ones to play and burn some energy in. For those who want more adventure, technical aspects have been incorporated into the site, including drops, jumps, flow sections, sculptured berms, a pump track, rock gardens, and more.

What’s great is that you can also bring your dogs here for a walk. Some shops are right across the road where you can grab drinks and snacks because all that activity will indeed work up an appetite!

The Victory Heights Trail Network should not be missed by fitness and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Woodworks Museum

Woodworks Museum

The historic Woodworks Museum of Gympie is a significant cultural attraction that has been pivotal in promoting education and awareness of forestry through live demonstrations.

The museum opened to the public in 1984 with a mission to create a refuge where the forest and timber histories can be preserved.

Woodworks Museum, Forestry, Timber, Entry Price, Hours, Gympie Qld

Back then, a joint venture between the Queensland Museum and the Department of Forestry sought to address concerns that traditions and artefacts associated with timber and forest development were dwindling.

The Woodworks Museum is a wonderful place where visitors can learn all about the role that the timber and forest industries played, especially in boosting the economies of Gympie and the Burnett Region. The various exciting displays tell a story of days gone by: some of the artefacts you’ll see include traditional rail fences, posts, large saws, a 619-year old Kauri Pine Disc, Silky the Famous Status, old equipment, and much more.

Visitors are encouraged to get a copy of the information booklet at the entrance, which is already included with the admission price. It is recommended to carve out at least an hour to fully explore and appreciate the exhibits on display during your visit.

The museum is run entirely by volunteers, and they have set aside each Friday as demonstration days. However, they are open to tour groups and will be more than happy to arrange demonstrations on other days to accommodate. Packages for morning tea and lunch are available; just reach out to the friendly staff, and they will be more than happy to assist you. They also have numerous resources specifically designed for educators, so you will be sure that a visit here will impart valuable knowledge for you and your students.

The Woodworks Museum is more than just a tourist attraction of Gympie; come and visit to learn more about the value of timber and forests in Australia’s economy.

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Gympie Aerodrome

Gympie Aerodrome

The Gympie Aerodrome, also known as the Kybong Aerodrome, is used for recreational purposes and aircraft maintenance and flight training.

It serves the local area and is owned and operated by the Gympie Regional Council.

Gympie Aerodrome, Airfield, Flight Training, Aero & Gliding Club, QLD

It was opened to the public in May 1966, with many thrilling displays as it’s been a long-awaited institution. There were aircraft displays, joy flights, and parachute displays, as well as a Spectacular Apex Air Pageant. Today, it’s an important destination for aircraft businesses and hobbyists.

The aerodrome is home to numerous aircraft maintenance businesses. It’s also where the Gympie Gliding Club and the Gympie Aero Club are based. If you are visiting the area, check out the Gympie Gliding Club for a unique, exhilarating experience where you get to pilot a glider with the help of a friendly and professional instructor. Eventually, you can also take enough lessons to pilot a single-seat plane.

For professional aircraft flying lessons, you can also contact the Gympie Aero Club at the Gympie Aerodrome. Aside from these services, several projects are being worked on at the site to provide the local community with better airport management support and safety advice.

The Gympie Aerodrome is located at Lobwein Road in Kybong.

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Amamoor 01

Mary Valley Scenic Drive

The Mary Valley Scenic Drive is a breathtaking journey past verdant farmlands, rolling hills, and stunning macadamia farms.

It’s one of the best ways to explore the rural hinterlands as you take your time.

Mary Valley Scenic Drive, Tourist Stops, Country Map, Tourist Drive 42, Qld

To start, take Exit 244 out of the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, also known as the Mary Valley Tourist Drive 42 exit. From here, turn left on the Kenilworth Skyring Creek Road.

You’ll pass through more Mary Valley Scenic Drive signs and follow the roads as the scenery changes from grazing pastures to the forest. Go left and make your way towards Imbil, one of the town centres in the valley situated on the Yabba Creek banks, on the way to Borumba Dam. While here, take time to enjoy Imbil, home to one of the last few Hoop Forests in the country. It’s a favourite getaway for horse riding and other outdoor activities, including biking and hiking.

Visitors can also opt to take a leisurely ride or walk through the rail trail and Brooloo. Not to be missed is the spectacular timberman’s walk beneath the majestic Jacaranda trees in the town centre as you learn about how timber contributed to the region’s history and economy. The Borumba Dam is just 15 minutes away as you walk through green pastures, and from here, you can spend time water skiing, fishing, or having a meal.

Below the Borumba Dam is a beautiful camping spot, great for visitors who want to spend a night by the water. Make your way back to Imbil, from where you can head up to Kandanga and savour the local produce for lunch. Check out the Railway Bridges for its rich history or explore the Kandanga Canoe Trail point. These stops are followed by Amamoor, and if you head east, you’ll find the Amamoor State Forest. Head back south through the Mary Valley Link Road or Gympie.

With so much to experience, the Mary Valley Scenic Drive gives you a reason to return to this region.

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Gympie Visitor Information Centre

Gympie Visitor Information Centre

The Gympie Visitor Information Centre is an accredited travel information centre complete with everything you need to plan your trip.

It’s operated by friendly and knowledgeable locals, so you can be sure that you’re getting correct and updated information.

Gympie Visitor Information Centre, Tourist Info, Maps & Opening Hours

Tourist brochures, itineraries, and maps are just some of the things you can obtain at the centre. These are all very useful things to map out your days visiting Gympie and all the attractions in store.

After all, it’s only natural to feel confused or overwhelmed when planning your trip, especially if you only have a few days and want to make sure you visit places of interest to you. Free Wi-Fi is offered, visitor guides, guides to national parks, and even gold fossicking licenses.

The Gympie Visitor Information Centre is located on the Bruce Highway, in the Lake Alford Recreational Park. Many travellers treat this area as a stop-over; after visiting the centre for travel tips and advice, you can relax in the park. The Lake Alford Recreational Park is equipped with BBQ and picnic facilities, a kids’ playground suitable for all levels, and an off-leash dog park.

Gympie is a town famous for saving Queensland during the gold rush. It’s rich in cultural and historical treasures all over town. Learn about the gold and woodworking industries by visiting various museums; don’t miss out on heritage sites that tell important stories of how Gympie came to be today.

If you love nature and the outdoors, visit Tin Can Bay and the postcard-perfect Rainbow Beach in the Cooloola National Park. With all these thrilling experiences, you can be sure that Gympie is complete with everything you could need for a fun holiday.

The Gympie Visitor Information Centre should be your first destination in town. It’s your one-stop shop for all things related to travelling Gympie.

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Lake Alford

Lake Alford Recreational Park

The Lake Alford Recreational Park is a picturesque outdoor recreational park located to the south of Gympie.

The park was established to commemorate the gold miners who were vital to saving the local economy, evident in the Goldminer’s Monument found at the park entrance.

Lake Alford Recreational Park, Playground, BBQ, Birds, Monkland QLD

This space is designed with families in mind, featuring amenities such as BBQs, tables and chairs, an all-abilities playground, an off-leash dog park, Visitor Information Centre, and off-street parking. However, the tranquil lake is a major park highlight; kids love visiting and feeding the adorable ducks. It will be a sure hit for those with children.

The Lake Alford Recreational Park is also home to the Gympie Gold Mining Museum, situated in the park’s north-eastern area. The museum and attached café are a must-visit for anyone who wants to learn more about Gympie’s fascinating history of gold mining. The vast collection of artefacts, documents, and photographs that relate to the discovery of gold from 1867 onwards tell a colourful story on the important role of Gympie in boosting the economy. Numerous displays will interest both kids and adults alike. Afterwards, head over to the café or gift shop to unwind with family and friends.

This is also where you will find the Gympie Museum Markets every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month. With the picnic and park areas contributing to the lovely backdrop, this is one of the many local markets you won’t want to miss. They feature dozens of stalls that sell a vast array of interesting items, from handmade goods to fashion, crafts, accessories, and fresh produce.

Whether you are looking for a unique destination to take the kids, a quiet spot to relax in or do a leisurely walk around, you’ll love the Lake Alford Recreational Park. Be sure to include it in your itinerary and make it a point to spend time here.

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Normanby Hill Remembrance Park

Normanby Hill Remembrance Park

The Normanby Hill Remembrance Park is a memorial that commemorates the fallen soldiers from World War II, the Malayan Emergency, Korean War, Indonesian Confrontation, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and Somalia.

It also commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the end of the second world war.

Normanby Hill Remembrance Park, Memorials & Plaques, Gympie Qld

It features individual commemorative trees to honour a total of 154 people who have died during World War II, with their names inscribed on the plaques. The park was established for the Australia Remembers Programme, designed by the Australian Remembrance Committee Gympie.

The construction of the Normanby Hill Remembrance Park was funded by the Cooloola Shire Council and the Federal Government, thanks to the New Work opportunities project of the Department of Environment, Education, and Training. Other highlights of the memorial include the two black columns with a marble finish, which are set atop a stone and plinth base. Both columns feature life-sized depictions of a man and woman serving at war. Each side of the memorial also has two white flagpoles.

The park is one of several memorials found in Gympie. Others nearby include the Gympie Later Wars Memorial, Gympie and Widgee War Memorial Gates, Imbil Mary Valley RSL Honour Board, Imbil War Memorial, Kandanga War Memorial, Woolooga Community Hall Honour Boards, and the Woolooga and District War Memorial.

There are numerous historical and heritage attractions within Gympie. After visiting the memorials and learning about them, check out the heritage trails, chock-full of rich history, old unique buildings, and fascinating stories. The Gympie Region Heritage Trails bring history to life so that we, in the present day, can still learn to appreciate the iconic moments and people of the past that make Gympie what it is today.

The Normanby Hill Remembrance Park should be on top of your list of the many historical attractions within Gympie.

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